Put Out or Get Out
Spencer Carlin
Season no. Episode no.
1 4
Guest star(s)
  • Ashley Schneider as Kelly
  • Donna W. Scott as Cat
  • Colleen McGrann as Christine
Writer(s) Chad Fiveash, James Patrick Stoteraux
Director(s) Paul Hoen
Production no. 104
Original air date November 18, 2005
Episode chronology
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"Friends, Lovers, Brothers, & Others" "First Time"

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"Put Out or Get Out" was the technical third but chronological fourth episode of South of Nowhere that aired on November 18, 2005 on the teen drama channel, The-N.

Plot OverviewEdit

Spencer is hanging out with her new friend Kelly—who unbeknownst to Spencer, wants to be more than just "friends." Ashley tries to warn her of Kelly's agenda, but Spencer confuses her concern with jealousy. Meanwhile, Ashley has family dinner at the Carlin's, doing her best to stir things up with Paula, Arthur, and Clay. Later that night, Ashley and Clay make a connection about their childhood and parents. Across town, Glen and Aiden find themselves stranded without a ride, as part of Madison's little games.The-N Official Description

Plot summaryEdit

Episode starts with Clay and Spencer hanging out at Gray. Spencer is thirsty but she is not able to get bartender's attention as he is concentrating on the girls in front of him. Suddenly a girl named Kelly shows up and helps Spencer obtain the water she was asking for before. Clay is evidently spellbound with Kelly's look and while he tries to impress her, Kelly has a small talk with Spencer, making her laugh by asking if Clay is her boyfriend. After the uncertainties are revealed, Kelly starts to checking up Spencer.

Next day, after school, Kelly abruptly comes to King High to give Spencer a lift home and asks her to go to concert with her that night and Spencer joyfully agrees. When Ashley finds out, she confronts Spencer with the fact, that Kelly has in fact a real interest in her, but Spencer does not take that for serious and thinks that Ashley is only joking, or feeling jealous. After Ashley's mother asks her to spend the night outside the house, so she can have his boyfriend for a "stay over" (she did not tell him that she has a teenage daughter), Spencer invites Ashley to sleep at Carlin's.

Meanwhile, there is a growing tension between Aiden and Glen, as Madison starts to play her games. Eventually Kelly and Spencer go to the party and Kelly's true motives are revealed after she drives Spencer out to a make out destination. Kelly gets offended when Spencer wont 'put out' and drives Spencer home. Once Spencer gets home and talks to Ashley about her night, Ashley reveals that she's known all along that Kelly was a lesbian and that Kelly tried the same tricks on her over a year ago.