Past, Present, and Future
Season no. Episode no.
3 13
Writer(s) Jonas E. Agin
Director(s) Richard Wafer
Production no. 314
Original air date November 21, 2008
Episode chronology
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"Better Late Than Never" "Taking Seconds"

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"Past, Present, and Future" was the thirteenth episode of the third season of South of Nowhere that aired on November 21, 2008 on the teen drama channel, The-N.

Plot overviewEdit

Everyone deals with the aftermath of Glen's confession. Sean slowly learns to accept Chelsea's decision to be with Glen. Carmen returns afters a few surprise appearances on the street. She persuades Kyla to let her live with her and Ashley. Also, Madison returns from her tour with Justin Timberlake, but only for awhile until the European tour starts up. Meanwhile, Ashley is nervous about having Spencer go off to college life without her. Lastly, Aiden gets into a motorcycle accident.