The following is a list of characters appearing on South of Nowhere

Season One Cast

The cast of season one.

South of Nowhere Character's Series
Season 1 Season 2 Season 3

Main characters

Aiden Dennison Matt Cohen
Arthur Carlin Rob Moran
Ashley Davies Mandy Musgrave
Clay Carlin Danso Gordon
Chelsea Lewis Aasha Davis
Glen Carlin Chris Hunter
Kyla Woods Eileen Boylan
Madison Duarte Valery Ortiz
Spencer Carlin Gabrielle Christian
Paula Carlin Maeve Quinlan

Supporting characters

Ben Montanio Christopher DerGregorian
Boz Quentin Price
Carmen Brooke Vallone
Cat Donna W. Scott
Cecily Jordan Tempestt Bledsoe
Christine Davies Colleen McGrann
Debbie Cameron Goodman
Ethan Marks Sean Wing
Jake Kessler Kyle Searles
Jonica Lisa Pace
Lily Zee Michelle Ang
Patrick Cody Dorkin
Raife Davies C.C. Deville
Sasha Miller Kate French
Sean Miller Austen Parros
Sherry Pena Marisa Lauren

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