• Showstopper101

    Okay so I’m making a South of Nowhere fan fiction called South of Nowhere: The Newbie’s (maybe changed) but this will come on after Paris: The City of Love another fan fiction I’m working on. But here’s what I need for the characters. By the way I’ll be accepting 4 boys and 4 girls.





    Just in case you’re confused on how my fan fictions will work here it is.

    SUMMER: Degrassi: The New Class

    FALL: Paris: The City of Love

    WINTER: South of Nowhere: The Newbie’s (maybe name)


    If you have a name for the South of Nowhere show other than the Newbie’s please tell me thanks.

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  • Dragonclaws

    Gay When Convenient

    August 23, 2009 by Dragonclaws

    South of Nowhere is one of the most progressive mainstream shows I’ve seen for its treatment of homosexuality. One of its primary storylines involves the female protagonist Spencer’s realization of her homosexuality and subsequent same-sex romance with love-interest Ashley. However, the treatment of bisexuality, while not outright negative, is rather sketchy with both good and bad portrayals of the sexual orientation.

    When the show first starts with episode Secret Truths, we are introduced to the girl-liking Ashley who Aiden “turned gay” according to locker room gossip Glen overhears. As Ashley puts it, she did the guy thing for a while before she moved on, likening her time going out with boys to a period of immaturity. At the end of the epi…

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